GUERRA MEDIÁTICA I: “Not even with blood will change happen in Venezuela.”

“Not even with blood will change happen in Venezuela.”

These are the words of Diosdado Cabello, one of the main military leaders of the Venezuelan Chavist dictatorship. His speeches reflect the historical trademark of Chavismo: violence, cynicism, and disrespect towards democratic institutions. He has his hands stained with the blood of hundreds of injured and dozens of fatal victims during the law enforcement repression against demonstrators that only want to enjoy the most basic human rights. Moreover, he hates elections, free speech, he has disdain for democracy and civilian power, and he hates everything that could compromise his drug ventures.

This is the enemy that my people is facing right now: cruel, determined, merciless. Showing any kind of sympathy for such a despicable individual  could be equal to sitting, side by side, with any of the tyrants that had spread misery, death and unhappiness in our world through history.

Chavists say that the world is engaged in a “Media War” -Guerra Mediática- against their Revolution when, mostly, the media is just doing what it is supposed to do, to inform. The real “Media War”, in my humble opinion, is the one promoted in the government speech where threats, insults, coercion, infused with fear and blatant lies against those who defend democracy are part of Venezuelan folks’ daily life.

This is my little contribution to the fight that my brothers are waging against the dictatorship for a better future for all Venezuelans and for the truth. I know it isn’t sufficient given all the sacrifices they are making for my Homeland. Sincerely, I think it will never be enough.

God bless those who stand for Democracy and for the Republic!


Al final, siempre les toca enfrentarse al pueblo.

Si algo tuvo de particular el 19 de Abril de 1810,  es que es una de las pocas fechas de nuestra Historia en las que un cambio político se ha dado en Venezuela de manera pacífica. En aquella ocasión, los venezolanos nos rebelamos ante la imposición  de un Rey ilegítimo por parte de Napoleón Bonaparte. Hoy, 19 de Abril de 2017, nos rebelamos en contra de una dictadura militar que hambrea a nuestra gente y la priva de sus derechos humanos más básicos.

Recordemos hoy que nuestra Historia ha demostrado que la civilidad siempre avasalla a la bota militar mientras haya ciudadanos dispuestos a luchar por la Libertad, y la República, sin otro argumento más que sus voces y su presencia en la calle, como verdaderos demócratas.

¡Qué viva Venezuela Libre!